Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bersedia sebelum terlambat : Get experience before you work!

“I’m sorry, but we’re looking for someone with experience.”

How many times have you heard this when you apply for a job? If you are a fresh graduate without any formal work experience, you will probably hear this quite a bit before someone decides to give you a try.
But, instead of feeling sorry for yourself and wailing “How am I supposed to get experience if no one wants to give me a job!”, there are actually lots of things you can do to get all kinds of work experience.

6 Creative ways to overcome the ‘No Experience’ tag

Classroom Experience
This is a great place to get started. Think beyond your exams and papers. What else could you do to earn ‘experience’ in your chosen area of study? If you are studying Finance, could you do a term project about the economic impact of SARS outbreak on tourism in Malaysia? You could do research, analysis, draw charts and make presentations on the subject. What does this reveal about you? It reveals initiative, curiousity, perseverance, attention to detail, creativity, research ability, and the ability to collate different information together to form a comprehensive picture.
All of the effort you put into the project counts as – you guessed it, EXPERIENCE. It adds value to your resume.

College/University Activities
That’s right. Take part in associations/organizations on campus. Take on responsibility like being the Treasurer for the next Graduation Ball. Be seen, heard and work hard. Don’t sit in your shell and think that aceing your exams is your ticket to a good job and a high salary. By taking part in campus activities, you learn teamwork, leadership, people, financial and management skills. It also shows you are a person who knows how to manage his or her time, and that you have extra-curricular interests.
You will learn so many skills – all of which you can put down on your resume as - EXPERIENCE
Most employers take notice of people who can show active participation in sports while studying. Why? A person who does sports is usually healthy and has a more positive outlook. This is also a person who has a life outside of studies which shows a balanced lifestyle. Nobody wants a potential employee with a string of A’s, but a loner. By joining a team, you learn teamwork and camaraderie. It shows people skills. All of these are important work skills. You may also be given some responsibility like team captain.
Again, these are all positions and responsibilities that count as – EXPERIENCE

Is there a children’s shelter where you can volunteer to teach a language? Or even an animal shelter that needs volunteers? There are many non-profit organizations that desperately need volunteers to help with their activities – two of which Yayasan Salam and Mercy - are presented in this issue. Study them and see if you want to help. Volunteering opens up your mind and your heart – to see beyond your immediate problems and needs. It will also teach you patience, perseverance, commitment and attention to detail. You will learn people skills, planning skills, resource management skills and financial skills, just to name a few.
Being a volunteer may not earn you a big salary, but there is a big payoff in the – EXPERIENCE.

Community Service
All our lives, we will be part of a community of one kind or another. Community services in your neighbourhood, for example, would be a gotong-royong, painting the balai/community hall, organizing a community Hari Raya celebration, or a 5km run. Find out what’s happening in your community, and offer your services. Help organize/manage/plan the event.
It may be a small thing in your community, but for you, it will count as big – EXPERIENCE

Mosque Activities
If you are active in your mosque activities, it’s another great place to pick up some experience. Find out what activities are being planned, and how you can help. Get to know the people in your mosque because it is also a fantastic place to network and make new contacts. Whatever you do to help, even if it’s helping to serve food at a festival gathering, it shows you are dependable, committed, excited, and a team player.
It’s all – EXPERIENCE.

p/s: Think yourself. You are looking for job or JOBS are looking for you. MASA UNTUK BERTINDAK!

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